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  • If you are using Windows 7, Windows Live Mail should already be installed on your PC. If not, you can download the application here:
  • 1. Click on Start and select Windows Live Mail.
  • 2. Click File.
  • 3. Click Options.
  • 4. Click Email accounts.
  • 5. Click Add.
  • 6. Highlight Email Account, then click Next.
  • 7. Enter your full email address, account password and your full name in the display name field.
  • 8. Tick Manually configure server settings
  • 9. Click Next.
  • 10. Enter the following details:

    Incoming server information
    Server type: POP3
    Server address:

    Outgoing server information
    Server address:
  • 11. Click Next.
  • 12. Click Finish.
  • 13. if you have some emails they will be downloaded automatically.
  • If you need further help and support please visit Microsoft's email and communication centre.