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  • In this section youʼll learn how to set up your modem from start to finish.

    These steps cover customers using the ZyXEL D1000, F2000, ZyXEL T1, and the ZyXEL P660.

  • 1. Connect the 2 port filter to your main phone socket.
  • 2.

    Connect the grey cable to the 2-port filter's grey port and to the modem's DSL port.

  • 3. Connect your phone to the 2-port filter's black port.
  • 4. Note — Failure to use filters on all phone sockets (whether connecting phones, faxes or digital TV boxes) can result in deterioration of Broadband performance and other line issues.
  • 5. Connect to your device — WiFi: Once the Power Adapter is plugged into a power outlet, search for available WiFi networks.
  • 6. Select your WiFi network name (SSID) which is located at the bottom of your modem and enter your WiFi Security key.
  • 7. You should now be connected.
  • 8. Connect to your device — wired: Connect the yellow cable to the modem's ethernet port on the back of your computer.
  • 9. Connect the power adapter to the modem's power port, plug into a power outlet and turn the modem on.
  • 10. Your modem will now take approximately 2 minutes to connect.
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