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  • Many of our customers with Internet connection problems find that by following these basic steps they manage to get connected again.
  • 1. Diagnosis: If the DSL light is off or flashing this indicates you have lost connection.
  • 2. Broadband needs a working phone line. If you are availing of home phone as part of your service, check whether you can make a call and that there's no noise on the line. If there's a problem with your phone line, log a fault.
  • 3. Try switching your modem off and on again. To do this, simply press the power button on your modem off, leave it for 30 seconds then switch it back on again
  • 4. While the modem is off check that the connections at the back of the modem are secure and in place.
  • 5. Wait 2 minutes for the modem to reconnect. It will automatically go through a series of steps in which lights will be flashing. Once the DSL light is solid green and the Internet light is flashing green you're back online.

    Still not working? Proceed to step 6.
  • 6. If you have other devices that are connected to the phone line (e.g. phones, faxes or digital TV boxes) disconnect them and check if the light changes to solid green.
  • 7. If the light changes to solid green then reconnect the devices one by one ensuring you use a 1-Port Filter on each.

    If you identify a device that was causing a problem, please contact the device vendor for reconnection advice.
  • 8. If the DSL light is still flashing, check if the modem is connected to an extension socket or the main phone socket in the house.
  • 9. The main socket is the first socket the phone line goes to when it enters the house. If it is on an extension socket move it to the main socket and check if the DSL light becomes solid.
  • 10. If the DSL light stops flashing and you can connect to the internet when your modem is connected to the main phone socket, there may be an issue with the extension socket wiring in your house.
  • Still can't connect? Contact us online or on 1890 260 260